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Dive Bars

February 17th 2012 05:49
A dive bar is a type of bar or pub. Dive bars generally have a relaxed and informal atmosphere—they are often referred to by local residents as "neighborhood or local bars," where people in the neighborhood gather to drink and socialize. Individual bars may be considered to be disreputable, sinister, or even a detriment to the community:

dive bar rules
Dive Bars Have Rules

The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary indicates that, in the United States in the 1880s, the term referred to an illegal drinking den or other place of ill repute, especially one located in a basement. However, this usage has since become obsolete. Some people attribute the term to the practice of patrons diving under tables when trouble broke out, particularly gunplay.

dive bars of america
Dive Bars don't use web 2.0 marketing techniques.

dive bars lighting
Good lighting is key in a Dive Bar.

Dive bar customers
Dive Bars have varied clientele

dive bar sports
Sport is encouraged, and pool is taken very seriously.


The Zombie Fortress

February 3rd 2012 02:05
What would be the advantages of this zombie fortress...

zombie apocalypse stronghold

Over this one??

zombie fortress

Read some analysis on the above here!

Free Restaurant

October 12th 2011 02:37
Free Lunch, good food!

hard to reach restaurant
First, take the tram up to the start of the trail.

dangerous path
Now follow the path on the wooden planks.

dangerous paths in china
Be sure to hold on to the 'railing,' the chain attached to the side.

Most isolated restaurant in the world
Keep an eye on the person in front of you. Be very careful when passing someone going in the opposite direction.

china rock climbing
Now just up a few steps. (They are on the left in the picture.) Gets a little steeper here, so put your toes in the holes

Top of a mountain ridge restaurant.
A few more steps to go. You might want to hold on.

Hardest to reach restaurant in the world

This restaurant is in China.
If you manage to reach the restaurant the food is free.
Let me know how the food is.
I'm not going.

World's Strangest Bathrooms

August 25th 2010 04:32
In the United States, "bathroom" commonly means "a room containing a lavatory". In other countries this is usually called the "toilet" or alternatively "water closet" (WC), lavatory or "loo". The word "bathroom" is also used in the U.S. for a public toilet (the more formal U.S. term being "restroom").

When designing a bathroom many factors must be taken into account. These include limited space available, the use of both hot and cold water which may be splashed on the walls and floor, and disposal of human waste.
These factors also make decorating a challenge.

Popular Mechanics takes a look at the most challenging and innovative bathroom engineering in the world. Read the full article here.

bathroom designs
Space Bathroom
With no gravity to ensure that water stays in the toilet bowl or to force waste down, NASA was forced to build pumps and harness airflow to create an effective and hygienic bathroom for astronauts.

space conservation bathrooms
Vertebrae Vertical Bathroom
Occupying a mere 4.3 square feet, this "Swiss Army Knife Bathroom" takes space conservation to a whole new level, packing a toilet, sink, cistern, two storage units and two shower heads into one compact system.

eco friendly bathroom
Urban Ecology Center
Nothing but rainwater flushes the toilets here, all electricity is solar-powered, soap is biodegradable and paper products are 100 percent recyclable. Even the paint on the wall is made out of organic compounds.

pop-up toilets temporary
UriLift Public Pop-Up Toilet
A bold move to hamper alcohol-induced nighttime public urination, the semi-permanent Urilift Pop-Up Urinal emerges at 10 pm and disappears at 3 am, coinciding with prime bar-hopping hours.

see through toilet
See-Through Toilet
This one-way glass stall looks like a mirror to an outsider, but completely transparent to an insider, leading to a nerve-wracking bathroom experience.

*This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article for Bathroom.

The World's Craziest Water Slides

August 18th 2010 02:40
As reported on Popular Mechanics, the water slide can be a feat of engineering genius. It uses nothing but gravity to give the rider a full set or twists, turns and drops all the way to the bottom.
Below are some of the wildest water slides in the world. View the full article here.

best water slides
Scorpion's Tail. Noah's Ark Family Park, Wisconsin Dells, Wis.

The Scorpion's Tail, designed by WhiteWater West of Canada, opened this Memorial Day and is the first capsule slide in America. It's 10 stories high and 400 feet long, with a near-vertical drop that takes riders plummeting at a rate of 50 feet per second.

world's best water slides
The Wedgie. WhiteWater World, Dreamworld, Coomera, Australia
The name says it all—the Wedgie on the Gold Coast in Australia has been setting swimsuits awry since March 2010. This slide, designed by ProSlide, has riders climb 58 feet in the air before the near-vertical free-fall drop through the narrow 32-inch enclosed tunnel.

best water slides in the world
The Wildebeest. Holiday World and Splashin' Safari, Santa Claus, Ind.
The Wildebeest opened at Holiday World this April as a hydromagnetic water ride that includes seven drops, totaling 178 feet. The $5.5 million project is the second largest investment in the park's 64 years.

scariest water slide rides
Leap of Faith. Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas
The Leap of Faith, part of Atlantis's 140-acre Aquaventure waterscape, is found in the life-size replica of a Mayan temple. This 60-foot-tall, nearly perpendicular slide ends in a clear, acrylic tunnel that transports sliders through a shark-filled lagoon.

amusement park water slides
Jumeirah Sceirah. Wild Wadi Waterpark, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The Jumeirah Sceirah speed slide in Dubai, UAE, is a 100-foot plummet slide that accelerates riders to a high speed of 50 miles per hour.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is an upcoming attraction to be added to the Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando, Florida.
Harry Potter theme park
Conceptual art of the entrance to the attraction.

Guests will enter the ride through a queue area recreating the various rooms of Hogwarts castle, including the Portrait gallery, Headmaster's office, Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom and the Gryffindor common room. They will then view a pre-show explaining that guests were to view a lecture, but are instead pulled into an adventure by Harry, Ron and Hermione, followed by a safety reminder from the Sorting Hat

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Weirdest Apartments in the World

March 5th 2010 01:48
Many apartment buildings around the world are plain looking and lacking in imagination. Fortunately there are architects who think outside the square and some builders brave enough to bring these ideas to reality!
Thanks to, here are some the best and most imaginative apartment buildings from across the globe. If you like these, read the full article here.

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Scariest Foot Bridges

January 22nd 2010 05:09
There have been many Hollywood movies featuring dangerous wooden foot bridges that collapse as you try to cross them, or the bad buys try to cut the supports before you can make it to the other side. Have you ever wondered if such scary foot bridges exist in real life? As this gallery at DJMick demonstrates, they most certainly do!
Below is a selection or you can view the full gallery here.

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Famous Buildings

October 23rd 2009 13:18
Famous buildings. Statue of liberty, twin towers, leaning tower of pisa, big ben, pyramids, dubai, empire state, Eiffel tower, Taipei 101, sears tower,
click to enlarge

This has to be the most famous cityscape off all time with so may of the world's best known buildings all together. How many can you name

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World's Best Hotel Beds

April 27th 2009 02:21
Hotel beds aren't just for resting while on holiday, in some places the holiday takes place from your bed. That's right in the comfort of your mattress and pillow you can sight see, star gaze, go on Safari or literally float around...

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World's Weirdest Hotels

February 18th 2009 06:24
If you're not satisfied with a standard room and ensuite when you travel, how about something a little (or a lot!) different. Believe it or not there is a plethora of bizarre hotel rooms around the world, thanks to the Telegraph here are just a few.

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Top Thrill Dragster Roller Coaster

January 26th 2009 07:06
Top Thrill Dragster Roller Coaster

Top Thrill Dragster van Cedar Point, in Ohio, USA.
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National Debt Clock out of Digits!

November 10th 2008 01:37
The National Debt Clock was installed in 1989 to highlight the rising national debt in the United States and each family’s share of it. It is located on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan.
At the time of installation, the national debt was under $3 trillion. However, on September 30 this year, the debt topped $10 trillion for the first time and the clock actually ran out of digits to display such a high number.
National Debt Clock before reaching $10 trillion.
National Debt Clock before reaching $10 trillion.

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Anonymity of Suburban Life

November 3rd 2008 01:27
This particular picture is from Markham in Ontario, Canada. The same scene can be found in most major cities around the world with identical houses lined up in neat rows one after another. To some people this is their suburban dream, to others this would be their worst nightmare.

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