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Instructions for New Parents

April 16th 2014 00:36
Drying baby. Yes - No

Calming baby. Yes - No

Feeding baby. Yes - No

Exercising baby. Yes - No

Lifting baby. Good - Bad

Bundling baby. Good - Bad

introducing baby to pets - safe unsafe

Stimulating baby. Good - Bad

A Whole Year of Selfies

February 10th 2014 02:12
“Last Year of Selfies” is an impressive project by Denver, Colorado artist Kyle Warfield. He spent the last year taking daily photos of himself and then turned them all into one awesome animated GIF. A flip book of Kyle’s animation is available to purchase online.

selfie year gif combined story

Click here to see the original.

For All The Dog Lovers Out There

December 18th 2013 03:07
Dog lover pictures

cute baby and dog picture

cute dogs sleeping photo

silly string dog can

dog TV slouch


Hardware Fails

October 17th 2013 01:46
Proof that some people should not be allowed in Hardware.

poor hardware installation
There's arcing? I wonder why?

Poor plumbing practices
New! Sideways trap

Nails too long for fence
Maybe he should have bought some shorter nails.

Leaky plumbing duct tape
Leaky drain? Out of duct tape? Then use electrical tape...

Dodgy hardware practices.
Missed it by a foot? Why not use a bunch of spare electrical boxes?

The Internet of Things

August 12th 2013 01:46
A very interesting info-graphic which details just how many "things" are connected today on the internet and how this is being used to develop new technologies and improve existing processes.

The internet of things
Click to enlarge

Amazing Window Art

June 19th 2013 07:24
It's amazing just how much fun you can have with just a window, landscape, and a few pens. From such simple things, a creative mind can conjure up and offer up a batch of greatness that truly has to be witnessed.

Window art monster attack buildings

[ Click here to read more ]

Dogs Hall of Shame

April 22nd 2013 06:25

Lion Spotting in Reverse

February 19th 2013 02:34
"Be vewy, vewy quiet ..... I'm hunting meals-on-wheels! Shhssss!!"

lion hunters not watching lion behind them on car
Don't you just love this picture?!!

Apple Maps

December 12th 2012 03:01
Apple Maps has been criticised since its release.
apple maps with closed stations
This image submitted to Fairfax by Twitter user toholio shows a train station in Melbourne on Apple Maps that closed 31 years ago.

The app was criticised for its lack of certain features contained in Google Maps, including Street View and transit directions

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Google Doodles

October 20th 2012 02:16
first ever google doodle. Burning man festival
Burning Man Festival: Aug. 30, 1998. First ever google doodle.

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